Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Windows Phone 8 will be Available with Carriers during the Year-End

The Windows Phone 8 has finally been revealed by Joe Belfiore recently. Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) has created a different user interface unlike iOS and Android from Apple and Google respectively. The grid of app icons has been done away with and replaced with “Live Tiles, which are self-updating icons that form the base of the new “Metro” interface.

This operating system will feature live apps such as the Windows Phone lock screen that will display photos, notifications and other content from apps rather than the lock screen image. Updates from Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn will also be available. Skype users will benefit hugely because they can receive a call anytime, but the battery is not exhausted as the code isn’t run in the background. The online radio service Pandora, will be represented differently as well.

Internet users can surf more and consume less data. The phone will automatically detect nearby Wi-Fi spots and make the transition. The data usage will operate like a post-paid connection when it comes to reaching the monthly limit. Also, parents can finally let kids play with their smartphones without the risk of important info getting deleted. There is a “Kids Corner” in the phone for them to play games and check out new apps, without getting access to the really vital stuff.  A “Family Room” allows sharing of grocery lists, share to-do lists, calendar items, photos, notes etc. among family members.

Certain features are available across all Windows devices such as Skydrive that converts your phone, tablet, and PC into a virtual workspace. Skydrive can store photos forever, unlike iCloud having a limit of 1000 photos for 30 days. iTunes music and playlists can be moved across all devices.The hardware has also been revamped and is described as being “killer” along with a better camera and wireless charging. Carriers like T-Mobile USA, Verizon, and AT&T will soon roll out phones powered by Windows 8.

The event was attended by actress Jessica Alba who flashed her Windows phone along with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.